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Ethyl alcohol, the active ingredient in alcoholic drinks, it is a drug that acts as a depressant. There are four types of alcoholic beverages:

  • Beer contains 3—6% alcohol
  • Wine contains 12—14% alcohol
  • Fortified wines (for example sherry, port) have alcohol added and contain 18—20 % alcohol
  • Liquor (for example, scotch, rum, bourbon, vodka) contains 40—50% alcohol, which is expressed as degrees of proof. A liquor’s alcohol content is half its proof. An 80 proof liquor is thus 40% alcohol


CocaineCocaine is a highly addictive brain stimulant, and does a lot of damage to the brain,  it is an extremely dangerous drug.


Marijuana is an illegal drug that affects your moods. It is made from leaves, mall steams and flowering tops of the cannabis siva, or hemp plant. Marijuana may be grown anywhere in the world. Marijuana contains more than 400 chemicals including one which affects the mind seriously, THC. THC is responsible for the "high" that you get from marijuana. Marijuana affects people in different ways depending on the mood that they are in, the amount taken, and how it is taken. Children think that they know about marijuana because they hear their friends spreading the following myths.


Tobacco contains over 4000 chemicals. According to the Centre for Disease Control tobacco kills more people than heroin, cocaine, alcohol, AIDS, fires, homicides, suicide and automobile accidents combined.

More Information

Below are PDF files on various drugs for your information. Educate yourself about these and other drugs and together we can build a drug free Dominica. Be alert! Drugs hurt!

Be Alert, Drugs Hurt!

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To enhance the social and physiological well being of all citizens through awareness building thereby, reducing significantly the demand for drugs.

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