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Alcohol Truths

What's the truth about "sobering up"?

Drinking coffee, going for a brisk walk or talking a cold shower are not good ways to sober up after drinking . The liver does most of the work to rid the body of alcohol, and nothing can be done to spread up the elimination process.

Drinking milk or eating a meal before drinking alcohol will not prevent a person's getting drunk. While body weight and the rate of alcohol consumption directly influence the amount of alcohol needed to make a person drunk, nothing will prevent alcohol from entering the bloodstream.

How Does Alcohol Affect The Body?

The moment alcohol enters the body; it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the walls of the stomach. The heart starts bearing faster and skin becomes flushed.

Co-ordination, depth perception, reflexes, vision, reason and judgment are adversely affected. Alcohol attacks liver cells, destroys proteins, and disrupts the body’s balance of sugar and water.

Be Alert, Drugs Hurt!

Our Mission

To enhance the social and physiological well being of all citizens through awareness building thereby, reducing significantly the demand for drugs.

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