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Marijuana is an illegal drug that affects your moods. It is made from leaves, mall steams and flowering tops of the cannabis siva, or hemp plant. Marijuana may be grown anywhere in the world. Marijuana contains more than 400 chemicals including one which affects the mind seriously, THC. THC is responsible for the "high" that you get from marijuana. Marijuana affects people in different ways depending on the mood that they are in, the amount taken, and how it is taken. Children think that they know about marijuana because they hear their friends spreading the following myths.

Myth: Marijuana can't hurt you.


  • Marijuana may cause cancer of the month, tongue, throat, jaw, neck and lungs
  • Airways injury, bronchitis, lung inflammation and a greater chance of getting a lung infection can be caused by chemicals in marijuana
  • Marijuana reduces the white blood cell count which lowers resistance to most diseases
  • The female reproductive system could be affected by the chemicals in marijuana leading to difficulty in having children and loss of sexual pleasure

Myth: Marijuana does not impair judgement.


  • Short-term memory, perception, and motor skills are diminished by smoking marijuana, making it dangerous to drive a car
  • A person who frequently smokes marijuana loses motivation to take care of daily needs
  • Marijuana use can cause mental disorders, including delusions, hallucinations, depression, panic attacks, and uncontrolled feeling of aggression

Myth: Marijuana isn't addictive.

Fact: If one needs to smoke marijuana to feel good every day, one is considered to be addicted.

Myth: Marijuana doesn't affect learning.

Fact: The effects of continued marijuana use interfere with learning. Short term memory and the ability to concentrate, two functions that are needed to succeed in school, are generally reduced. Students who are high on marijuana have difficulty recalling both written and orally presented material. They also have trouble communicating their thoughts clearly. Not only do their grades fall, but they miss essential opportunities for learning.

How can I tell if my children are using marijuana?

  • They seem dizzy and have trouble walking
  • They seem silly and laugh for no reason
  • Their eyes are red and bloodshot
  • They have a hard time remembering things that have just happened

Tips for Parents

  • Talk and listen to your children
  • Know your children and their friends
  • Know where your children are
  • Let your children know who you feel about drug use
  • Spend time with your children
  • Promote after–school activities

Be Alert, Drugs Hurt!

Our Mission

To enhance the social and physiological well being of all citizens through awareness building thereby, reducing significantly the demand for drugs.

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